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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan (Carhart #1)

Book cover of Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan (Carhart series #1)Jenny Keeble, heroine of Proof by Seduction, is a con artist.  For the past twelve years, she’s supported herself as Madame Esmerelda, telling fortunes and making predictions for the citizens of Victorian London.  Things are going well for Jenny until wealthy and powerful Gareth Carhart, Marquess of Blakely, accuses her of being a fraud.  Afraid that Madame Esmeralda is fleecing his impressionable young cousin, Gareth demands scientific proof of her psychic abilities.

Gareth himself is a renowned scientist, but he’s burdened by his title and resentful of the pressures placed on him by his family and society.  He ruthlessly sets out to prove that Jenny is an impostor, but he finds himself dangerously attracted to her at the same time.  Gareth and Jenny are well matched intellectually and emotionally, but he cannot dismiss the class differences between them and she refuses to denigrate herself by bowing to his will. 

Courtney Milan is a new author (her first book was published in 2010) but she’s already garnered the highest praise from readers and her peers.  She brings exactly the kind of fresh voice the romance world needs, and I particularly like that she writes historical books set in England but not during the Regency.  (Seriously, what could possibly be written about the Regency that hasn’t already been done twenty times over?)

I originally checked this book out from the library, but I liked it so much that I immediately downloaded all of Milan’s books to my Kindle.  She is now an auto-buy for me and I’m counting down the months until Unclaimed is published in October.

My review: 5 out of 5 stars
Other books by Courtney Milan: Unclaimed, Unlocked, The Governess Affair

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  1. I'm much more of a contemporary romance reader, but Courtney Milan's books. There's just something about her books that feel welcoming, even though they're historical.


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