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Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review: Guarding a Notorious Lady by Olivia Parker (Devine & Friends #3)

Book cover of Guarding a Notorious Lady by Olivia Parker (historical romance novel review)
Exquisite trouble . . .

A woman of pristine breeding, Lady Rosalind Devine is also an unrepentant meddler and snoop— which is why her brother refuses to leave her to her own devices while on his wedding trip. But Rosalind will not make things easy for any unseen, unwanted “nursemaid”—and vows to use her considerable wiles to expose her mystery guardian.

Nicholas Kincaid, the Marquess of Winterbourne, agreed to secretly guard his friend’s spoiled, stubborn sister, though her infuriating penchant for mischief is causing him to question his decision. Though bound by the rules of society—and friendship— Rosalind’s spirit and sensuality have sparked a fierce desire in Nicholas to play a very different role in her life, one that entails passion, ecstasy . . . and unavoidable scandal.

Lady Rosalind Devine has had a crush on Nicholas Kincaid, Marquess of Winterbourne, since she was 17 and spied him removing his shirt in the fields of his estate.  Over the years, she’s tried to attract his attention, but he seems completely immune to her charms.  Little does Rosalind know that Nicholas would love nothing more than to grab her, kiss her, and make her his.  His own family issues, though, stop him from doing so.

Guarding a Notorious Lady is a fun read, and Rosalind is a great heroine.  She’s funny, smart, determined and adventurous – it’s easy to see that she and Nicholas would be fantastic together, if only he would get over his silly preconceived notions about love.  I did think Nicholas’ reasons for denying Rosalind were a bit silly, but who am I to judge a (fictional) man in love?

Guarding a Notorious Lady is the second book in Olivia Parker's series about the Devine siblings.  Rosalind's oldest brother, Gabriel, was the hero of At The Bride Hunt Ball and her younger brother Tristan will be the hero in Parker's next book. I loved the relationship between Rosalind and her brothers, who both call her “Rosie.”  They tease each other, mock each other, are frustrated with each other, but ultimately they all love and protect one another. 

Olivia Parker has only written three books, but she clearly knows what she’s doing.  In her bio, she says she wrote her first romance in red marker when she was just eight years old.  Clearly, she has improved since then because she writes very well, and her characters have great emotional depth. I can’t wait to see what she does in the future – I fully expect a whole bunch of great reads.   

Romance novel book reviews by Sarah The Brazen Bookworm (Olivia Parker Devine trilogy)

I received this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review.


  1. I really enjoyed this one as well. It makes me want to go back and read her other titles as well.

    Jen at Red Hot Books

  2. This sounds really good, and I've heard great things about the first book of the series as well. I definitely need to give these a try.


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