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Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Review: One Night in London by Caroline Linden

Book cover of One Night in London by Caroline Linden (historical romance novel review)
One of my romance pet peeves is a relationship that develops too quickly.  I have trouble believing in romances where the hero and heroine meet and five minutes later declare their undying love for each other – I just don’t buy it.  I prefer the slower romances where the reader has the chance to see why the characters fall for each other.  That’s not a problem in Caroline Linden’s One Night in London.  Over the course of the novel, the hero and heroine fall in love gradually and naturally and in a completely believable manner.  And I read it in one sitting and loved it.

Goodreads summary: A bargain that was all business . . . and pure passion. 

Neither wealth nor beauty will help Lady Francesca Gordon win custody of her young niece Georgina, saving the girl from a cruel stepmother; she needs London’s top solicitor for that. But when Edward de Lacey, son of the powerful Duke of Durham, hires away the one man who can do the job, Francesca decides Edward himself must champion her case...if only she can melt the dashing lord’s stony heart.

Edward has reason to be guarded, though. London’s tabloids have just exposed a secret that could ruin his entire family. When Francesca offers a unique chance to undo the damage, Edward is forced to agree to a partnership . . . and now, each moment together feeds the flames of his scandalous longing for the passionate widow. But when Georgina disappears, fate will test them both . . . and leave their love hanging in the balance.

My thoughts: Though One Night in London has several serious plots, it is really a character-driven book featuring a dynamic hero and heroine.  Edward and Francesca are both strong, mature people with their own identities and plans.  Linden does an excellent job of bringing together these two different characters but giving them the opportunity to pursue their own interests in a mutually beneficial way. 

Edward and Francesca are opposites – he is sober and thoughtful, she is fiery and impetuous.  As in any good romance, they temper each other and are much better together than they were apart.  Over the course of the story, their relationship gradually develops from acqaintance to friendship to romantic love.  This doesn't mean that their love scenes are tame – quite the opposite, in fact.  Serious, restrained Edward has been hiding some impressive prowess under his staid exterior.  Rawr.

The book ends with a mini-cliffhanger, and Linden has set up Edward’s brothers to each get their own HEAs.  I can’t wait to see dashing military man Gerard and reprobate Charlie each find their soulmates.

One Night in London is one of Avon’s K.I.S.S. and Teal books with proceeds donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  For more info on K.I.S.S. and Teal, read my post about the program.

Grade: B+
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: August 30, 2011
Page count: 384 pages

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  1. I certainly agree with you. I hate it when characters fall in love as soon as they set eyes on each other. Glad to know this one doesn't fall into that irritating habit. Fab review :)

  2. Thanks, Alexis! Yeah, the pacing of the romance really worked for me, and that's up there with good dialogue and historical accuracy as my biggest requirements.


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