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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Novella Review: With This Kiss (Part Three) by Eloisa James

Book cover of With This Kiss (Part Three) by Eloisa James
Book cover of With This Kiss (Part One) by Eloisa James
Book cover of With This Kiss (Part Two) by Eloisa JamesFriendly caveat: Spoilers ahead!  This is the third and final installment in Eloisa James' latest novella, With This Kiss.  For my reviews of Parts One and Two, check out my reviews here: With This Kiss (Part One) and With This Kiss (Part Two).    

Before I even discuss the final entry in this serialization, I want to note that I love the cover progression of the different parts of With This Kiss.  First, the house is lovely and conjures up every idea one has about life in an English country house.  I'm also a fan of the color shift, from the hazy pink to rich indigo now to the sky blue and warm yellow.  The covers of these novella parts reflect the development of Colin and Grace's romance and how they both gain clarity about themselves and each other.

When readers last left Colin and Grace, they had spent a delicious few hours together in a carriage, though poor Colin only got to enjoy it as part of a laudanum-induced dream.  As a result, Grace believes she's made a mistake by running off with Colin, for he can only love her under the influence of drugs.  Colin sets off to make Grace see differently and...ooh, shivers!  Part Three of this novella is delightful as we see the characters begin to come together as a couple.  I liked Colin's honesty in this part, but mostly I loved how Grace continues on her path to being an active heroine.  Much of this story focuses on Colin's struggle to acclimate to life in England (he clearly is trying to work through some Regency PTSD issues) but it makes Grace and Colin stronger as a couple.

I view this novella as sort of a sequel to James' The Ugly Duchess, a book that I'm still conflicted about to this day (my review here).  I'm glad James published With This Kiss, as I feel it gives me some closure on Theo and her relationship with her duke.  Regardless, it's a delightful novella that can be enjoyed even without having read the story of Grace's parents.

A note on pricing: Each of the three installments of the novella are priced at $0.99, and With This Kiss will be published as an ebook in its entirety on June 25.  If you aren't an ebook fan, As You Wish, a paperback that contains the entire With This Kiss novella plus Seduced by a Pirate (my review here) is available beginning today, priced at $5.99. 

Rating: B
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: March 26, 2013
Length: 30 pages
Sensuality: Steamy

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Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.


  1. I am sure I will have forgotten the spoilers if I ever get to the book ;)
    I have read, let's see, 2 or 3 of her books and I always enjoy them. But she has many to choose from :D

    1. She sure is prolific! I'm always amazed that she manages to be both a Shakespearean professor and a romance novelist AND have a family. I <3 Eloisa! :)


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